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The journey is over now //

French band Comity has kept a relatively low profile in the US despite releasing some of the most challenging and ultimately rewarding chaotic metal/hardcore material in the last decade. As with both their previous LP’s, The Journey Is Over Now is dense and layered, taking several listens to fully digest and appreciate. Split into four [...]

Francuski Comity nie należy do najbardziej znanych w Polsce zespołów, jednak ze względu na fakt długiego, jak na rodzaj granej muzyki, stażu i jakość ostatniej płyty, postanowiłem skontaktować się z paryskimi muzykami i wyciągnąć z nich zeznania. Udało się a w dodatku wyszło na jaw, że grupa już sześć razy próbowała zagrać w naszym kraju [...]

The journey is over now // // by Spitfire Doppelganger

Review: 8.3/10 Comity is a band that took me by surprise. When I received their latest EP The Journey Is Over Now, I noticed that the four tracks are insanely long (clocking in between eight and eleven minutes). My first expectations was that it will be a long and droning hardcore EP with rare moments [...] // by MGA

Extreme metal and hardcore punk have seen several shotgun weddings and messy divorces over the years. The results – seen in offspring subgenres like mathcore and blackened hardcore and everything in between – run the gamut of quality, but the one thing they all have in common is the absolute exhaustion felt while listening. And [...]

COMITY is a French experimental hard-core band that was formed in 1996 and that went through several line-up and musical changes through the years. Only François PRIGENT (guitars) and Thomas ZANGHELLINI (vocals) have survived from the original line-up. I broke into Comity’s chateau and caught up with  François for  their story. Your biography has been [...]

The journey is over now //

Od ekstremnosti nose/math/grindecore rocka i metala do eksperimentalija i akustičnih ambijenata ovaj četveročlani suludi francuski bend unatoč naslovu albuma kroz poantu daje naslutiti da njihovo ‘putovanje tek počinje’… Francuski kvartet iz Pariza osnovan je 1996., a danas radi u postavi Nicolas Brilliant (bubnjevi, prateći vokal), Yann Daniel (gitara, saksofon, prateći vokal), Francois Prigent (gitara, lap [...]

The journey is over now //

I francesi Comity s’inseriscono nel mondo musicale suonando una mistura che fonde rock, math e sludge/core, la musica è violenta, gode di aperture atmosferiche ampie e di profonde scanalature che insieme allo scream roco e acido alimentano il primo full-lenght intitolato « The Journey Is Over Now ». Cinquanta minuti suddivisi in quattro sezioni denominate semplicemente con [...]

Defined as Extreme rock and roll, a French band composed of veterans … Comity presents us the latest Throatruiner release called « The Journey Is Over Now« , they also reviewed his entire discographic work and we learn something more about the cultural and personal tastes of each one… Then not to be missed… below! Nuno Ribeiro [...]

The journey is over now //

To review Comity and their new album The Journey is Over Now is going to be a serious of statements that once you listen to it will prove to be incorrect or contradict each other.  The band is a paradox wrapped in an enigma that sparks a hedonistic violence that is hard to look away [...]

The journey is over now //

Wstyd przyznać, ale paryski kwartet, mimo 16 lat działalności, był mi dotychczas nieznany. Dopiero najnowsze dzieło zwróciło moją uwagę na ten zespół, bo goście faktycznie mają coś ciekawego do powiedzenia i elegancko wpisują się we współczesne, ekstremalnie eklektyczne czasy. Najnowsze dzieło zespołu to tylko cztery kawałki, za to ich długości imponują – od skromnych ośmiu [...]

The journey is over now //

The band labels themselves as extreme rock, but Comity actually play a mix of progressive hardcore and experimental metal. While The Journey Is Over Now is only four tracks, it’s over fifty minutes in length. The first track, “Part I”, is over eleven minutes. Starting off with some distant yelling and building up, the song [...]

The Journey is over now //

This is a hell of a noisy and contorted release, but a quite brilliant, terrifying and hypnotizing one. And once again, Throatruiner Records give away the digital version for free, “name your price” and download/eventually buy the album or use the direct link from Mediafire – everything is there on the label’s Bandcamp page. We [...]