COMITY – Extreme Rock’n'Roll Band From Paris


Live – « …As evrything is a tragedy » (Centre Musical Barbara, Paris – 16/02/2013)



Live – Medley « The deus ex-machina as a forgotten genius » (Centre Musical Barbara, Paris – 16/02/2013)




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04/03/2014 – On tour // May 2014

Hi everybody, We are on tour with our friends from Celeste and Revok.  


Vendredi 24 janvier 2014 nous avons le plaisir de participer à la Release Party de Kayan à Auxerre. Merci à eux pour l’invitation.

19/12/2013 – Release Party CELESTE

Nous avons le plaisir de partager l’affiche de la Release Party de Celeste à Lyon fin Janvier 2014. Un grand merci à eux pour leur invitation.

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celeste-comity-revok 25-janvier-2014 Centre Barbara // Paris comity-la-dynamo-toulouse-fevrier-2012-chazo-04 comity-la-dynamo-toulouse-fevrier-2012-chazo-03 comity-la-dynamo-toulouse-fevrier-2012-chazo-02 comity-la-dynamo-toulouse-fevrier-2012-chazo-01 samoens-2008125 samoens-2008028 p1000334
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Lastest realeases

The journey is over now (LP – 2011)

Written october 2008-march 2011, recorded on june 2011 by Amaury Sauve and Sylvain Biguet, mixed on august 20011 by Sylvain Biguet, mastering by Karl Saff on october 2011…

EP Collection (LP – 2010)

The Andy Warhol sucks E.P/ You left us here. Artwork by Anthony Gauchy. Released on september 2010 on RAT ROMANCE records. Grey marbled 12”, hand numbered by the band…

You left us here… (EP – 2009)

Written late 2007-september 2008, recorded live by Francois Iund on December 20 2008 in ANNECY, Voices recorded by Sylvain Biguet on january 2009…

…As everything is a tragedy (LP – 2006)

Written late 2003-august 2005, recorded live, mixed and mastered on October 2005 by Francis Castes, pre-master by Sylvain Biguet. Artwork by Jason Fringz, layout by Anthony Gauchy…

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