A long, eternal fall (LP – 2017)


Written between april 2012 and june 2016.
Recorded live by Fred ROCHETTE at PNF studios, October 10-15 2016.
Mixed and mastered by COMITY and Fred ROCHETTE.

This record has been engineered in the most live, natural and analog way possible. The louder you play it, the better it sounds. The 24 bits audio master certfies you a true audiophile experience.

On this record COMITY is :

François Prigent : guitar, lap-steel, vocals
Yann Daniel : guitar
Nicolas Brillant : drums, vocals
Thomas Zanghellini : bass-guitar, lead vocals

Tracklist :

1/ I
2/ II
3/ III
4/ IV
5/ V
6/ VI
7/ VII
8/ VII

Listen on Bandcamp :

A long, eternal fall